JAMU Njonja Meneer

acne prevention herbs
Special herbs that cleanse the blood and help prevent acne and other skin problems.

Curcuma Herbs
For the care of the stomach and kidneys. Facilitates urination.

herbal deodorant
Acts as a deodorant for both the body and the breath and also controls perspiration.

herb to stop nervous disorders
For both men and women who work hard and sometimes have difficulty in concentrating on tasks, are quick tempered and have problems with heavy throbbing of the heart and excessive perspiration. These herbs should be taken every morning and evening to calm the nerves and stabilize the body's systems.

herbal after birth cleanser
For women who have just given birth, these herbs are helpful in cleansing the blood that remains in the uterus. At the same time it eliminates the colic that occurs at this time. It may also be used prior to the onset of menstruation as it acts as a menstrual regulator and cleanses the blood.